Aviation Medical


The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has very strict guidelines around medical examinations that are required for licensed pilots in Australia. There is a specific schedule of examinations and tests that are needed when obtaining a pilots license, and which are repeated on a regular basis to maintain your licence.


Regular eye examinations are part of this process. To be able to participate in this process, doctors need to be registered with CASA. Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (DAME) and Designated Aviation Ophthalmologists (DAO) are listed on the CASA website.


Dr. Stringfellow and Dr. Cheung at Visionary Eye Specialists are registered DAO’s and can perform the required eye examinations for your CASA medical at either our Hurstville or Miranda offices. Dr Nirosha Paramanathan is also a DAO.


The examination will take about 30 minutes. Dilating drops will be used as the back of the eye needs to be carefully examined. Please bring sunglasses on the day. Ancillary testing may need to be arranged depending on the initial examination results (e.g. specialized colour vision testing).


A referral is not required for your aviation medical eye examination. Medicare does not pay a rebate for these examinations. You will be issued with a receipt for the fee that will include GST (unlike most medical fees which do not attract GST). This is a fully claimable tax deduction if you are working in the aviation industry.