About us


Visionary Eye Specialists is a general ophthalmic practice where we have offered screening, diagnosis and management for most eye conditions to patients from Southern Sydney and all over Australia since 1998. We see patients of all ages including infants and children.


Here at Visionary, we are more than happy to see anyone who has an acute eye problem and is in urgent need of assessment and treatment. A referral from your GP or optometrist is preferred but not essential. The referral is required for you to receive the Medicare rebate that covers part of the cost of your visit (see Patient Information for more details).
Our practice locations are in Hurstville and Miranda (see Contact Us for details).





Our staff includes four university-trained orthoptists who will take a thorough history from you and perform any required testing prior to you seeing your doctor. We also have six management and reception staff who manage the day-to-day running of the practices.


We have five eye surgeons and one medical retina sub-specialist at Visionary Eye Specialists (see Our Doctors). All of our doctors are first and foremost general ophthalmologists and are therefore fully trained to diagnose and treat most eye conditions.


Cataract surgery is our major area of expertise and comprises more than 50% of our workload. Our surgeons have received sub-specialty training in cataract and refractive surgery, so we access the newest and best techniques utilised in this evolving and rewarding field of medicine. Refractive lens exchange, a procedure that is very similar to cataract surgery, is also performed by our surgeons; it is available for people who do not yet have cataracts but who would like to be spectacle-free (see Eye Conditions: Cataract).


Glaucoma diagnosis and management is also a big part of our work at Visionary and comprises another 25% of our workload. We have the most advanced equipment required for glaucoma diagnosis and management. Our surgeons are trained in both laser and surgical treatment of glaucoma (see Eye Conditions:Glaucoma).


Macular degeneration: At Visionary, our doctors are trained in diagnosing retinal and macula diseases and use the latest technology, known as OCT, to do so. We are also able to offer treatment with intravitreal medication for “wet” macular degeneration and other suitable conditions. (See Eye Conditions: Macular Degeneration)


The remaining 25% of our workload includes the following:

  • General eye examinations for all age groups
  • Screening eye tests for diabetics
  • Assessment and treatment of children with reduced vision or squint (turned eye)
  • Aviation medical eye examinations
  • Treatment of eye infections and eyelid cysts
  • Assessment and treatment of dry eyes and ocular allergies
  • Treatment of eyelid diseases, watery eyes and lacrimal (tear) problems
  • Surgical treatment of eyelid cancers (including eyelid reconstruction)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of uveitis
  • Pterygium surgery
  • Diagnosis and treatment of many neuro-ophthalmic conditions
  • Assessment and treatment of double vision


If you are unsure whether the doctors at Visionary Eye Specialists are right for you then a telephone conversation with one of our helpful reception staff may make this clearer.


Making an appointment with one of our doctors is the next step if you’d like us to look at your eyes. There is some flexibility with respect to the fees charged at Visionary as we know that everyone does not have the financial means to access certain medical services, but we strongly believe that everyone should have equal access to quality medical care.