Chinese Section

张医生说广东话。如果您说普通话或另一种语言,我们可以用电话翻译服务来帮助您診症。 但是最好能帶同一位会說英語的亲友來協助, 如亲友需要請假,我們可提供照顧病人的請假紙。


What language does Dr Cheung speak? Dr Cheung speaks Cantonese.  If you speak Mandarin or another language then we can use a phone interpreter service to assist us in your consultation, however it is also very helpful to bring someone with you who speaks your language.  A carers certificate can be provided to them if they are required to take leave from work.




Are there any other staff who speak Chinese?  We have a mandarin and Cantonese speaking receptionist , and we also have Chinese language printed information sheets available at the front desk.


您需要携带您的轉介信、 眼镜、 政府医疗保健咭、 私家保健咭,养老金卡,和您目前服用的药物名單。您的瞳孔很有可能会被放大,导致您视力模糊 3 个小时。请带备太阳眼镜,更不能自己駕车。

What do I need to bring? You need to bring your referral, glasses, your Medicare, health fund and pension cards and a list of your current medications. It is likely that your pupils will be dilated which blurs your vision for 3 hours. Please bring sunglasses and do NOT drive yourself.




How do I pay for my visit? A consultation fee will be charged for your visit and payment can be made by EFTPOS, credit card, cheque or cash.  There may also be an extra fee for any additional diagnostic tests or minor procedures that are performed during your visit. A portion of these fees can then be claimed back at Medicare, and our receptionists can submit this to Medicare for you.


我们有两个診所。一个位于 好市圍市大街7至11号6樓265室 (Suite 265, Level 6, 7-11 The Avenue, Hurstville) 另一診所在 米兰达市吉布斯街20-24号33室 (Suite 33, Level 2, 20-24 Gibbs Street, Miranda) 敬請留意您是在那一间診所約見張医主。


Where does Dr Cheung consult? We have two locations.  The first is situated at Suite 265, Level 6, 7-11 The Avenue, Hurstville. The other is Suite 33, Level 2, 20-24 Gibbs Street, Miranda.  It is very important to check which of these two locations your appointment has been made.




Do I need to report back to my GP? Our doctors promptly send a written report back to your referring doctor or Optometrist so you do not need to explain to them the outcome of your visit.




What happens if I need a follow-up appointment? If you require a further appointment, you will be given an appointment card with the details written down and a reminder call is given to you closer to the time.  You can nominate an English-speaking friend or relative’s phone number for this reminder call.