Patient Information

Do I need a referral?
Patients visiting the practice need a referral from either a general practitioner or an optometrist. These referrals are valid for 12 months. In some cases, patients may be referred to us by a specialist doctor. Referrals from specialist doctors are valid for 3 months. You can still be seen at the practice without a referral but you will not be able to claim a Medicare rebate for the cost of the consultation, or for any tests/procedures you may have performed during the visit.


What do I need to bring?
You need to bring your referral, any prescription glasses (ie reading and distance glasses), your Medicare card, private health fund and pension cards if you have them, and a list of your current medications. Please bring a pair of sunglasses as your eyes will be dilated during the consultation and this will let a lot more light into your eyes, making it uncomfortable to be in the sun or to drive.


What happens when I arrive?
On your first visit you will be asked to fill in a patient information form. This includes relevant questions about your identity and contact details. There will also be a privacy consent form to sign relating to the release of your personal information that allows your eye specialist to report back to your referring general practitioner, optometrist or specialist.
How do I pay for my visit?
A consultation fee will be charged for your visit and payment can be made by EFTPOS, credit card or cash. There may also be additional charges if any extra tests or procedures are needed on the day. Our receptionists can submit your paid account to Medicare electronically to claim your rebate. The rebate will be deposited directly into your bank account within a few days if you have your bank details registered with Medicare.


Where is the surgery performed?
If any surgery is required, this will be performed by your chosen eye specialist at either Kogarah Private Hospital (Kogarah) or Kingsway Day Surgery (Miranda). (see Contact Us section for details).


How and when do I book for surgery?
Your eye specialist will discuss any risks of the surgery with you and ask you to sign a consent form agreeing to the surgery. Our receptionists will then ensure you have all the information you need for a timely and well-organised admission. You will be provided with an Admission Booklet that you will need to fill in with your medical history, and then provide this to the Day Surgery prior to the admission date.


How much will the surgery cost?
Fees regarding your surgery can be discussed with your doctor.


How long can I expect to be at the day surgery on the day of my operation?
Between 2 and 3 hours.


What happens after the surgery?
As you will have a light sedation during the operation, you will not be allowed to leave the day surgery alone. A friend or relative will be required to sign you out and drive you home, and then look after you overnight. You will leave the day surgery with a patch covering your eye. This patch should stay on your eye overnight. The morning after your surgery (for most but not all operations) you will be required to visit your eye specialist to have the patch removed and your eye checked. You will be asked to avoid bending or lift heavy objects for at least a week after your surgery.